211 Clover Lane Lunch Menu

211 Clover Lane boasts the finest food in Louisville, and among the finest in the region.

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 211 Clover Lane


Soup of the day (one-size) 5-

211 house salad, French vinaigrette and Parmesan Reggiano  5-
Or with baked Indiana goat cheese 8-

Bibb lettuce salad with Buttermilk dressing,
Cherry tomato and cucumber   9-


Smoked bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich with chips and basil aioli  10-

Ham and cheese sandwich on baguette, lettuce, tomato,
Dijon mustard and field greens 12-

Grilled breast of free range chicken with squash, field greens
and French vinaigrette 11.5-

Penne pasta with fresh mozzarella, basil and roasted tomato  10-

Creekstone farms burger and fries 13-

Idaho trout with roasted potato, wilted spinach, lemon and capers  15-

Chicken salad with grapes, apple, almond,
celery green onion and aioli with field greens   11-

Romaine, chicken, bacon, egg, avocado, tomato, bleu cheese
and Champagne vinaigrette

Grilled Canadian Verlasso salmon with warm grain salad
and pistou 15-

Chef: Allen Joseph Heintzman

Consuming raw and undercooked meats, and seafood can increase
your risk for food bourne illness